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Utilize your infrastructure solution in an optimal way

11.10.2023 – Problem solving series

With the right infrastructure solution, you can get the most out of your building metering solution. Unfortunately, the range between meters and gateways are often greater than the range of the signals. This is an issue that can be easily solved. With Lansen’s repeater and gateway you can create a cost-effective and reliable ecosystem of sensors, meters, repeaters and gateway. All in order to collect data and utilize your infrastructure solution in an optimal way.

Picture this: you need to collect metering data to invoice the usage of electricity, heat, and water. You also need the collected metering data to monitor ventilation and lighting in an energy effective way. Maybe you have an existing infrastructure solution installed but have issues with the range. Or perhaps you are looking for a brand-new solution that can send data from all meters and sensors directly to the cloud. Regardless, you need to create a functioning system of meters, gateways, and sensors in order to collect the correct data and utilize it in an optimal way.

Wireless M-Bus repeaters

With wireless M-bus technology Lansen’s repeaters extend the range between meters and the collector/gateway. One repeater can typically read 932 meters and sensors. The repeaters can, for example, be used to cover big areas outside for multiple buildings or be used indoors to cover multiple floors. One repeater can typically cover 1-3 floors up and down depending on the building. For maximum range indoors, the repeaters can read and transmit both horizontally and vertically thanks to its two internal antennas. To extend the range even further, we have repeaters that can be equipped with external antennas.

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Wireless M-Bus gateway

The wireless M-Bus gateway is used to transfer data directly to the cloud while maintaining a high degree of security. The device can support up to 2.000 OMS units and is ready to use out of the box thanks to its plug-and-play feature. Long range and high sensitivity is achieved by using the latest technology in radio transceivers with sharp filtering and lowest noise amplifier. The gateway connects using MQTT client to an MQTT server to deliver the raw M-Bus packets. This gives a two-way connection between the gateway and the cloud.

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Utilize your infrastructure solution in an optimal way

With Lansen’s repeater and gateway you can measure and collect metering data simultaneously while ensuring high security and accuracy. Both devices can be battery-driven and, thanks to their internal clocks being synchronized, the devices can be activated at the same time. This maximizes the devices battery life, ensuring a long battery-life of 10+ years. The fact that the devices can be battery-driven also means an easy installation without the need to hire an electrician.

Wireless M-Bus bridge to cloud and wireless M-Bus repeater technical illustration

This solution is both a cost-effective and safe way to obtain data and metrics. It is safe because the data is sent encrypted to the cloud. The repeaters are cost-effective compared to installing more gateways. Since our products is compliable with the OMS standard and can read all variants of Wireless M-Bus (C,T,S- mode) this solution can be integrated with all M-Bus meters.

Case: creating a multi-hop chain for multiple buildings

Let’s imagine four residential buildings that are all located in the same area.

Each residential building has four floors, and each apartment has five sensors installed that measures for example temperature/humidity, CO2, etc. 

A repeater is then installed in each building, making a total of four repeaters.

Lastly, a gateway is installed in the fourth and last building in the chain. The data is then collected from each building and sent to the next repeater in the chain, until ultimately reaching the gateway. The data is sent directly to the cloud without any decryption of meterdata. 

Multihop chain with four repeaters and one bridge


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