wireless M-Bus repeaters

Do you have range problems between meters and gateways?

17.11.2022 – Problem solving series

With smart devices we can control and monitor large buildings and its usage of water and electricity. Unfortunately, the range can sometimes become a problem when the quality of the radio signal is too poor.

Issues with metering and range is a common phenomenon that complicates the process of controlling a building in a simple and cost-effective way. Insufficient range and difficulty receiving the correct data are two examples of these problems. Luckily, there is a simple solution to the problem - Lansen’s repeaters.  

wireless M-Bus repeater

With wireless M-bus technology our repeaters extend the range between meters and the collector/gateway. The repeaters can, for example, be used to cover big areas outside for multiple buildings  or be used indoors to cover multiple floors. One repeater can typically cover 1-3 floors up and down depending on the building. For maximum range indoors, our repeaters can read and transmit both horizontally and vertically thanks to its two internal antennas.

Lansen repeaters can be used both inside and outside. They are designed to be discrete and easily mounted on any wall, water tower, or lamppost. Our repeaters have excellent battery lifetime, typically 5 years (standard repeater) or 10 years (long range repeater) with default configuration. Even longer battery lifetime can be achieved by adjusting the configuration.

The fact that our repeaters can be battery-driven also means that you can install the repeaters without having to use an electrician. Another big advantage is its cost-efficiency compared to other solutions, such as buying another gateway, to solve your difficulty with range.

In the municipality of Alingsås, Sweden, all water meters are remotely read every hour. Our customer had problems to collect data from meters out of free sight placed in basements. The solution? Lansen’s OMS Repeater that pushes the measurement values from the meters in a multi-hop chain to the Gateway. Results? 100% coverage and a satisfied customer.

Overview of repeater coverage in Alingsås

Do you also want to solve your issues with range? Discover our wide range of repeaters here, or get in contact with our salesteam here.

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