AC power detector

Product highlight: AC power detector

19.03.2024 – Articles

Staying ahead in monitoring power loss is important for efficiency and safety. Learn how the AC power detector can help you with this down below! 


About the device

The AC power detector is an OMS transmitter used to monitor power loss on an AC power cable. The device monitors if there is power on an AC cable and alerts when power loss on the cable is detected. Much care has been taken to design a sleek, good looking device with high security and performance. The transmitter has a typical lifespan of 14 years, with standard configuration and operating temperature.


Performance: Robust design for high reliability

The device has a robust design paired with a long-lasting high-performance battery. Continuously monitored, the battery ensures seamless operation, issuing low-level warnings when nearing depletion.


Measurements: Real-time monitoring for immediate action

Each message from the device includes real-time status updates, ensuring direct action upon detection of power loss or restoration. The messages are sent at a fixed interval that can also be configured.

The M-Bus mode is either C-, T-, or S-mode, which can be selected upon order. The message interval can also be customized from 60 seconds – 1 hour. The standard mode is T1-mode, and the message interval is 120 seconds. Please note that the battery lifetime can be affected if the message interval is changed.

The data is sent using the wireless M-Bus protocol OMS compliant, which makes the sensor ideal for integration in data collecting systems or drive by solutions. Moreover, data security is prioritized with AES128 encryption compliant with OMS standard.


Installation: Simplified setup for fast operation

The device's installation is straightforward, with the included attachment easily mounted on the AC cable using zip ties. The transmitter is ideally mounted on a wall, for best functionality.


Configuration: Customization tailored for your needs

Configurability is key, which this device offers. With the ability to adjust MBUS mode, transmission intervals, and encryption settings, users can tailor the device to their specific requirements. This can be achieved by using a USB configuration cable connected to a PC.


Conclusion: Reliable power monitoring

In conclusion, Lansen's plug-and-play OMS transmitter ensures reliable power monitoring, by offering real-time measurements, and seamless integration. With its robust design, simplified installation, and customizable configuration, it is a reliable solution suitable for most installations.


To learn more about the device download the product sheet.

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